WOW Roadmap

Quarter One 2023
W.O.W Website Launch

W.O.W Website launch 10th Feb 2023 

W.O.W Access Pass Release

WOW Exclusive Access Pass – Phase: Alpha I
The first 988 NFTs get released.

WOW Affiliates Program

 Launch of a 2-tier affiliate program.

NFT Reveal

The rarity of the first 988 is revealed.

Pass-holder only Telegram

Launch of a private telegram group of NFT holders.

Social Channels

WOW social channels go live.

Quarter Two 2023
2nd Phase NFT Release

WOW Exclusive Access Pass – Phase 2:
The next 988 NFTs get released

Membership Platform

Version 1 membership platform gets released. Users will be able to contribute to projects.

Community Expansion

Alpha II release of the WOW Exclusive Access Passes (988 NFTs)

Q3 2023

Membership platform enhancements, adding rewards for member engagement and loyalty.

The roadmap is subject to change as the company’s priorities and developments may shift over time. This public roadmap serves as a high-level overview of the company’s plans and provides a clear direction for members.